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What is Ohvale Australia?


Welcome to Ohvale Australia, the exclusive home of MiniGP racing down under.
Over the past few years, Ohvale Australia has distributed MiniGP bikes all over the country. With regular events being hosted in Victoria, and plenty of places to ride nationwide, the Ohvale machine is one-of-a-kind.

Ridden by three-time ASBK champion Wayne Maxwell, and described as "the perfect training tool", the Ohvale bike comes in different sizes and capacities, to suit riders from 7 years old, to youths trapped in senior bodies!

Just as Soccer players have indoor soccer, now motorcyclist’s have the opportunity to experience track days and racing events more frequently while not breaking the bank! The Ohvale GP-0 (10") and new 12" variant the GP-2, involves a number of practical advantages. The ease of transport is one of them, as the bike fits inside a normal hatchback car.

You can race with great satisfaction on any circuit or go-kart track, generally open all year round, avoiding long and expensive trips and furthermore permitting half day track session. The cost of track rental, Maintenance and tyres are all very low compared to a normal bike. The limited height of the Ohvale guarantees greater safety. Furthermore, the bike was designed to limit damages in the event of a crash, with Teflon pads on handlebar and foot peg ends. This allows for the development of key skills like throttle control, body position, braking, racing lines and race craft, while minimising the risks of serious injury which is unavoidable on the bigger bikes. Let’s also underline that a very low centre of gravity and a careful choice of tyres allows the Ohvale to be satisfactory ridden even in winter conditions.

It offers plenty of fun and adrenaline that have very little envy to bigger bikes, much more challenging when driven to the limit.

This motorcycle may be half the size but is at least double the fun! Book a test ride to not only experience it, but to be the judge yourself!

Junior Development

With the FIM MiniGP Series kicking off in 2022, this provides an amazing opportunity for juniors that want to get involved in Road Racing. Our bikes are suitable from ages of 7 years old and up, with racing open for 10 years and older. For further information click the FIM MiniGP link below.

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